Saturday, March 17, 2007

Man Chops His Own Penis Off After Wife Left

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Too bizarre to be fiction

Zakopane, Poland - An apparently grieving and angry 40-year-old man from Poland carved his own genitals off with a 6 inch knife after his wife left him. Tadeus Konopizc, from the city of Zakopane, did this in a fit of drunken anger after more than one bottle of Vodka.

According to reports, the man was in excruciating pain. He was still able to call for help. The paramedics arrived on the scene and immediately asked for a helicopter to rush the man to the hospital, where they intended to reattach his penis.

However, heavy fog in the city delayed the helicopter rescue team and surgeons in Bialystok said it was too late to save his genitals. Zakopan is now expected to receive surgery for months to synthesize his private parts using tissue from other parts of his body.

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