Friday, March 16, 2007

300: Premonition of US/Iran War?

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Another installment of Channel's Checklist brings us a preview of 300, the epic battle film about the ancient Persians, better known today as the Iranians and that's why this portrayal has apparently slightly offended some political leaders. Can't they take a compliment?

In this film, every man has 6 pack abs of steel and would lead the viewer to believe that Iran would be a fierce foe in any upcoming Bush confrontation. Let's face it, Iran has been flexing its muscles for a couple of years now in a Napoleonic frenzy and now that a movie makes them appear to be fierce warmongers, they start crying foul.

False Pretender is proud to give you a glimpse of this film that is apparently symbolically portraying Iran as superior to the US in a future Armegeddon.

2min 55sec

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