Saturday, December 30, 2006

SNL - Short 'n' Curly

When this originally aired on SNL, it drove death nail into any hopes of attracting conservative viewers. They keep pushing the envelope. Don't worry; the nudity is mosaic, but if you can't imagine, you have no imagination.

The Davinci Gode (A Parody of "The Davinci Code") - Of Course!

For those of you truly offended by sacrilege and semi-porn, skip this one. However, the French bastards that made this don't really give a shit! It is in French but requires no translation. Hopefully, Jesus has a sense of humor.

XXX - Not as it seems...Those silly French!

This must be watched at length in order to fully appreciate the artistry of the French!

Saturday Night Live (SNL) - Music Video - "Dick In A Box" Uncensored - Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg

SNL A Special Christmas Box - Watch more free videos

2min 45 sec
Dick In A Box - Uncensored was originally aired last month on SNL and certainly continued Timberlake's risque humor living up to the Janet Jackson "Titty-Rippoff" of grand infamy.

Saturday Night Live (SNL) - Natalie Portman Rap - Suck My D!@K!-Surprises Young Men Who Didn't know She Had One!

Original SNL Music Video-Wait to load

A Unique Response to Natalie Portman's Rap - Suck My D!@k!
Saturday Night Live sketch, in the Digital Short Video segment series starring Natalie Portman. Chris Parnell and Adam Samburg also starred in the original short. This sketch was hilarious. This young man upon discovery Natalie has a D!@K, is clearly upset.

It is censored as it was publicly broadcast, but unless your "rhymer" is out of order, you will get it. Natalie certainly did her best to reverse her rated G image from her "Star Wars" movies. I just hope that the boys are not too disappointed.
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