Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Little Distraction--Play These Games To Your Heart's Content

False Pretender's
Time Out!

These are cute flash games. You may have to try a few times before you get the instructions right.

For "Virus," mainly, move the mouse and click the place you want to go (don't try to drag).

And, NO! This is NOT a computer virus!

For "Fish" just click in center of screen to begin, and move your mouse to move the fish; no click necessary.

For "Fall Down" just use your left and right cursors to move the ball to open holes.


If you don't know how to play "Asteroids", you are making ME feel old! Just use your LEFT, RIGHT AND UP (TO ACCELERATE) CURSORS to stay out of the way and SPACEBAR to shoot, H=Hyperspace (for a quick escape in a tight situation).

"Pac-Man" is self-training. You die enough, you learn!

This looks a lot like "Tetris" but you know how some people are just uptight about trademarks.

This is just like the original, but better "Space Invaders=Alien Invasion". If you are not already obsessed...

Tired Of Being Right About Your Leftism? Become A Republican

Become Republican!When Stephen Colbert said, "...reality has a well-known liberal bias," he really riled a few Republicans as they were called on there lies and pandering. But below, we find there is a solution to being politically correct; Become a Republican!

Various Timing/Interactive Flash---Enjoy!

Man Invents Himself

Claymation continues to fascinate us and this is no exception. From a Russian filmmaker, the metaphor of a "self-made man" who finds himself in a box without control or illumination -- well, it's mildly ingenious. This may not be real, but it is certainly true!

Warning: Artistic representation of nudity.

Darkeness, Light, Darkness - Jan Svankmajer
6 min.

Soccer Penis Faux Pas de France--Just Hangin' Out!

This what happens when you put too much in a box and shake it up. It's bound to pop out. Get a load of the fascination by the opposing team player.

Fair Warning:
This piece does contain mild male frontal nudity. (Yes, a soccer player's penis).

30 sec.

Uploaded by chungke

Don't Lose Your Head Over This!

Those wacky, deceptive and tricky Japanese almost blow your mind if not your whole head in this little magic trick on a variety show. And, no, the language is not Japanese. It was taken from Thai TV as their magic spreads around the world!

30 sec.
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