Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Little Distraction--Play These Games To Your Heart's Content

False Pretender's
Time Out!

These are cute flash games. You may have to try a few times before you get the instructions right.

For "Virus," mainly, move the mouse and click the place you want to go (don't try to drag).

And, NO! This is NOT a computer virus!

For "Fish" just click in center of screen to begin, and move your mouse to move the fish; no click necessary.

For "Fall Down" just use your left and right cursors to move the ball to open holes.


If you don't know how to play "Asteroids", you are making ME feel old! Just use your LEFT, RIGHT AND UP (TO ACCELERATE) CURSORS to stay out of the way and SPACEBAR to shoot, H=Hyperspace (for a quick escape in a tight situation).

"Pac-Man" is self-training. You die enough, you learn!

This looks a lot like "Tetris" but you know how some people are just uptight about trademarks.

This is just like the original, but better "Space Invaders=Alien Invasion". If you are not already obsessed...

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