Monday, May 15, 2006

Karl Rove-Just Indicted In Duck University Rape Case Whore Times
Contributor - deepduckthroat
May 15, 2006

According to Deputy D. A. Duck of Durpig, NC, Karl Rove is preparing his statement to the public regarding his fresh indictment for fucking a duck while playing Girl's Field Hockey at the local Duck University. The duck was also a Washington insider and was well known for lap dancing at RNC parties and she was also a student at the Duck University School of Republican Policy Studies.

She claims Rove was directed by KKK leader Duck Cheney to fuck her using only mudslinging as a sexual lubricant. She said she barely waddled away from what appeared to be a gang-duck-fuck, but the crowd was distracted by Cheney shooting a fellow Girl's Hockey Team player in the breast.

Rove denies the rumor, but many duckfucking analists have tentatively identified his DNA from the alleged victim's feathered butthole, and matched it with fecal material scraped off Rove's small, shriveled penis.

More coming...

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