Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Harry Potter Comes Of Age - Daniel Radcliffe Gets Sex Change

by Chinko Vergudo

J. K. Rowlings has just let it slip that she has chosen not to kill off Harry in the next episode. According to an interview with FP, Rowlings says she's really impressed with the serious acting demonstrated by long time Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe.

She said, "Now that the average Potter fan has grown up along with the characters, and in an attempt to reach out to adult theater goers and higher IQ readers, we are following Radcliffe's critical acclaim and have big surprises ahead for our audience."

Rowlings, Warner Bros. and producers of the play, Equus, have struck a deal to merge their efforts and add a bestiality segment with a Unicorn (consistent with his character in Equus) to the young warlock's repertoire while young Potter comes of age and chooses to pursue a sex change because of the minuscule scale of his "wand".

In the next installment, he is preoperative but chooses to go ahead and get implants to get the ball rolling. Rowlings says she has a few tricks in store involving his new magical boobs.

Publicity photos have been released in pre-market testing, so let them know what you think of the idea if you either want to encourage or discourage this ballsy, artistic move.

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